Our Services

YDRC aims to become a leading company in development and business consulting in South East Asia, working with consortiums of regional and international experts and companies across multi-development sectors includes: Agriculture, environment and climate change, infrastructure, public health, finance, education, governance, livelihood, disaster and emergency assistance, and regional cooperation and/or integration etc.
Development Investment Planning
Development Project Management 
Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Project concept formulation:

  • identifying project concepts, potential benefits and income, estimation the results of demand and benefits

  • sustainability, social & environmental impact studies, social safeguard and resettlement

  • estimation of costs and income analysis

  • identify the key factors that will influence the eventual success of the project

Project Investment framework design:

  • design of logical frameworks/design monitoring framework;

  • develop standards of operation;

  • develop capacity building and writing of training manuals;

Financing analysis and budget planning:

  • project costing and income calculation 

  • financing needs can be considered, both for investments and for the working capital needed

Resource mobilization and procurement:

  • procuring project suppliers both products and services

  • develop operation plan and tasks scheduling, supervision activities

We provide consultancy resources for implementing development project in Cambodia and South East Asia. We have a pole of experts following specialization:

  • Project implementation Specialist 

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

  • Project Finance Management Specialist

  • PPP Specialist

  • Technical assistance ( Agriculture, Education, TVET,.....)

  • Providing a package of knowledge management services through multi-media channels. behavior change communication.


  • Design of M&E systems, frameworks,

  • M&E methods, tools,

  • Management Information System, and databases

  • Execution of baseline surveys, mid-term evaluations, end-line surveys and final evaluations/impact evaluation.

Social & Economic Research Consultant
Business & Market Research Consultant
Safeguard, Resettlement &Environment Consultant
  • Gender conceptualization and mainstreaming into development planning;

  • Review of policies and strategic plans at the regional, country and organizational levels.


Market research consultancy

  • Data collection for supporting business plan development

  • Market scoping assessment - size and demand estimation for products/services

  • Research on customer behavior toward existing products/services;

  • Context study of specific products/services

  • Customers satisfaction and feedback surveys

Environmental consultancy

  • Environmental social impact assessment (ESIA)

  • Research and design environmental social management framework (ESMF);

  • Environmental monitoring, and reporting

Social Safeguard Consultancy

  • Feasibility study and scoping for social safe guards, planning, and reviewing to compliant with national and international social safe guard’s guideline

  • Social safeguard monitoring, and reporting

Resettlement consultancy

  • Feasibility study and scoping for developing resettlement action plans (RAP), ensure national and international guideline

  • Implement resettlement action plans

  • Resettlement plan safeguard monitoring and reporting